It’s not just a brand,
It’s a lifestyle.

About Us

We are a family owned business that enjoy offshore fishing. TunaBelly is actually the preferred bait for the local guys down in Hatteras surf fishing for drum. But the only way your going to get it is by knowing someone. And that someone has to be a mate, captain, or fish processor. Not always easy to come by. TunaBelly has a certain ring to it. I took the idea and ran with it and knew if we could create a good looking logo it would take off. It’s been years in the making and finally all the pieces have aligned. It’s rooted deep in Hatteras Surf fishing folklore. We may not be locals but we have spent many a summer down in Hatteras and the OBX. The guys that wear the brand are some of the best and welcomed us in. The logo has changed a few times until, with the help of my buddy Josh, we nailed it. I had the vision and he helped with the computer skills. 

When you get goosebumps and the hair on your arm stands up because you know that you are approaching that salt soaked air, the essence of the salt marsh, wind, waves, and sand. When you’re offshore and roll-up on the first grass line of the day and see that school of mahi. When you hear the reel screaming and the line flyin off.  When you watch the mate gaff a fish of a lifetime. When the birds are working and bombing that water and you know your on em’. When you’re in that group of pilot whales and the tuna are just ripping that drag. When you see the fin of a billfish trailin’ a bait in your spread. When you hook up and you see that marlin jumping out of the water as the captain is backing down and you’re drenched in that bluewater.

IT’S ABOUT THE BONDING OF FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND LOVED ONES, making offshore memories that will last a lifetime.

That’s what TunaBelly Offshore represents, the drive, the feelings, and the passion of saltwater fisherman around the world!

Captain Derek Nelson

Captain Derek is a born local of Manteo NC and has spent most of his life on the sand bar. He has two children Banx and Adina. Capt. Derek has has 10 years offshore experience and 13 years in the industry, fishing all the Major Tournaments on the East Coast. His biggest Bluefin tuna was dressed at 500 lbs and went to Japan to fetch 14 dollars a pound.

Hunter Hicks

I was born and raised on the water. That’s the way I’m going out . I have lived my life to the fullest and still going just as hard or even harder. My dad Stephen Foster Hicks mated on the Martha Ann in the 1960s 1970s he won a couple tournaments out of Hatteras NC on that rig.

Vessel: Longer Days

Captain Doc Kittrel and mate Stephen Kittrel

Father & son duo have been running Wasabi like the battle wagon it was built to be. The private boat recently under went a motor swap, and now cruises at 30knots, along with a laundry list of other updates the boat has received. Wasabi is the last framed hull from Jarrett Bay, along with being one of the winningest Carolina hulls in tournament history. This father son duo plans to continue adding to Wasabi’s accolades for years to come.

Vessel: Wasabi

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