Captain Derek Nelson

Captain Derek is a born local of Manteo NC and has spent most of his life on the sand bar. He has two children Banx and Adina. Capt. Derek has has 10 years offshore experience and 13 years in the industry, fishing all the Major Tournaments on the East Coast. His biggest Bluefin tuna was dressed at 500 lbs and went to Japan to fetch 14 dollars a pound.


Hunter Hicks

I was born and raised on the water. That’s the way I’m going out . I have lived my life to the fullest and still going just as hard or even harder. My dad Stephen Foster Hicks mated on the Martha Ann in the 1960s 1970s he won a couple tournaments out of Hatteras NC on that rig. Then he worked for Francis Langford out of outrigger post Jensen Florida. He won several tournaments on that rig. Then he ended up buying this boat called the Fidget that was out of Oregon inlet fishing center. Then he had me. That’s where it all started. Been fishing since day one :point_up:. Now I’m fishing on one of the best boats in the world. With one of the best captains in the world, Tom Randall. Boat’s called the LongerDays. I have worked on plenty of boats. I have also Long-lined for a couple years to. Fished some tournaments never won any but one day it will happen. I worked really hard in my life. Been through a lot of good times and tough times. That’s my story. Way more to my story check me out on insta.

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